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MLH Scholarship Fund

Mrytle L. Harper

Myrtle Harper
Myrtle Harper

Scholarship Fund Policy

Purpose:  The Myrtle L. Harper Scholarship fund was established to honor the life of Myrtle L. Harper and to provide financial assistance to DeafBlind campers who want to attend the DeafBlind Camp of Maryland (DBC) but do not have the money for the registration.

People may make donations to the fund by writing a check to DeafBlind Camp of Maryland.  Individuals must write, “Myrtle’s Fund” in the memo line of the check.  These donations will be kept separate from the general operating budget of the DeafBlind Camp of Maryland.

Eligibility for Individuals:

  1.  Have a significant hearing loss and vision loss,
  2.  Complete an application form requesting assistance,
  3.  Complete an application form for registration to the camp, and
  4.  Not have received funds in the past.


  • A committee that includes at least one DeafBlind individual and one member of the DBC Board will review all requests for assistance annually.   The review committee will meet two months after the applications process is open to the public.  The application process for camp usually begins in December prior to the camp in June.
  • The review committee will determine to whom to award scholarships and how much each person will receive.  The number of recipients and the amount of each award will depend on the number of requests and the need of the requesters.
  • If a DeafBlind person requests assistance after the review meeting, the committee may review his or her request if there is still money left in the fund.
  • If money is left in the fund at the end of the camp year, the balance will roll over to the next camp year.

MLH-Scholarship-Application (docx)

 MLH-Scholarship-Application (pdf)