We do our best to match you with an SSP who will work well with you. When you first meet your SSP, let him or her know your preferred method of communication so that you can both work well together. If you are having problems with your SSP or would like to change SSPs, please talk to the SSP Coordinators.  You may not harass your SSP at any time. Joking is okay but be sure your SSP is comfortable with joking.  SSP’s are finished at 10 PM. If your SSP wants to continue, it is their decision (totally voluntary).  If your SSP does not want to stay past 10:00 p.m., then it is your responsibility to find your own way back to your cabin.


Please do not wear heavily scented deodorants and perfumes. For the Dance on Thursday night, many people dress in costume, bring anything to wear that you want. We want you to dress up and have fun! Smile!

Closed toe shoes and long pants are needed for many activities.

Bring enough clothes for the full week.  You may not do laundry at the camp.


Camp will not allow harassing conduct. This means behaving in a way that bothers another person. It means after the other person tells you to stop bothering them, you stop.

  • Verbal (calling people names, yelling at someone, swearing, teasing too much, criticizing volunteers or other campers).
  • Physical (pushing, shoving, poking, hitting anyone, following someone).
  • Sexual (touching that is not comfortable for the other person, following someone, telling sexual jokes that bother another person).


  • Drugs and Alcohol are strictly forbidden.
  • Smoking is permitted only outside in the back of the Retreat center. Please do not smoke near the cabin windows.
  • Quiet time in sleeping areas is 10:30 PM.
  • Lost and Found Box is in the Retreat Center.
  • Group photo will be taken on Monday, and will be posted on the camp website.
  • Schedules will be posted in the retreat center and on the tables in the dining hall. Daily changes will be explained before each meal.
  • Sign-up Sheets for massages, haircuts, nails, facials, trip to the mall and bowling are in the Retreat center.
  • Toilet – when you flush, please count to five (5) before you let go of the handle.
  • Showers – if the water starts to back up or is not draining, please let us know immediately. ANY water problems anywhere at camp… please report.
  • Washer and Dryer – NOT available at any time – bring enough clothes for all week!
  • There is no longer a pay phone… there will be a land line phone and TTY in the Retreat center lounge but people must use calling cards to make Long Distance calls.
  • There is WI-FI access at camp.
  • All rooms and lodges are air conditioned.
  • Personal food and drinks in Retreat Center fridge must be marked with your name. Please do not eat or drink people’s food marked with names. Double check and make sure food not marked can be eaten.   Remember, please realize that many people have to share the same refrigerator.
  • While at camp, all medications must be in original bottles with label.  Unless special arrangements are made in writing, ALL Campers are responsible for taking their own medications!