Directions to West River Methodist Retreat – Camp (5100 Chalk Point Road, West River, MD 20778) 800-922-6795 (


Coming from Baltimore Beltway 695 S to 97 S:

  1. Take 97 S (toward Annapolis)….go about 1/2 hour from the Baltimore Beltway.
  2. Get off exit 22 (Aris T Allen Blvd – Rt. 665 E) just as 97 merges into Rt. 50
  3. Stay on Rt. 665 until you come to Rt. 2 exit….take Rt. 2 exit (Solomon’s Island)
  4. At the end of the ramp go right onto Rt. 2 heading south (Edgewater)
  5. Stay on Rt. 2 about 3 1/2 miles…..
  6. You eventually come into a shopping area with stores on both sides….just outside of that you make a left onto Rt. 214 East (Central Ave). The light just before the Rt. 214 light is Michell’s Chance
  7. Stay on Rt. 214 to the light and make a right onto Rt. 468 (Muddy Creek)
  8. Stay on Rt. 468 exactly 8 miles. Make a left onto Chalk Point Road. There is a Paceway Food Mart and a BP Gas Station on this corner but there is no traffic light and it is easy to miss.
  9. Stay on Chalk Point Road for one mile and make a left into the West
  10. River Camp entrance.

Coming from Washington:

  1. Take Rt. 4 to Rt. 258.
  2. Follow signs toward Deale. Proceed on 258 – go straight at the intersection of Rt. 258 and Rt. 2. Rt. 258 will end at Rt. 256.
  3. Turn left. Rt. 256 will end at Rt. 468. There will be a Sunoco station directly in front of you. Turn left again. Proceed on Rt. 468 for about 100 yards.
  4. Turn right onto Chalk Point Road (BP Station on the corner). West River Center is 1 mile down Chalk Point Road on the left.