Past Directors

Note: Brenda Talley and Toby Witte-Dix were involved with camp before became coordinators starting in 2007, when Pastor Peggy Johnson turns over the administration of the camp to four coordinators, Carol Stevens, Brenda Talley, Belinda Milligan, and Toby Witte-Dix after she becomes a United Methodist Bishop and moves to Philadelphia. Then Brenda became President and Toby became Treasurer in 2014. Brenda involved camp for 13 years and Toby involved for 15 years.


Brenda TalleyPresident (2014 to 2018)


Toby Wittie-Dix Treasurer (2014 to 2017)


Steven CollinsSecretary (2016 to 2018)
President (2018 to 2019)


Picture of Lisa (Jordan) WirkusFormer Board Member


Photo of Andrew CohenFormer Secretary and First board member


Picture of Helena InmanFormer Board Membe

Before joining the Board in 2019, Helena has been involved with the DeafBlind Camp of Maryland as a SSP, a registration coordinator and in fundraising activities.  In 2012, Helena graduated from an ASL Interpreter Training Program and it was there that she first learned about the DeafBlind Camp of Maryland.  Helena works as a Human Resources program manager for the Federal government and as a sign language interpreter.  She has a masters degree in Public Administration (MPA) and a Certificate in Volunteer Management from American University.  Helena is originally from New York and has lived in Maryland since 1986.  She loves the DeafBlind Camp of Maryland and the campers!  She looks forward to providing an exceptional camp experience for all involved.