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National SSP Survey on Curriculum & Training Survey

Hello, everyone!

We’ve been working on this survey for nearly a year, and we’re excited to finally be sending it out to all of you! The survey is now open for experienced SSPs, and here is the link:
The National SSP Survey on Curriculum & Training is the product of a national SSP Task Force created by Ryan Bondroff,  who asked us to work on a committee focused on a curriculum and certification process for SSPs. We thought that surveying experienced SSPswas the best way to find out the training, experiences, skills and knowledge that SSPs believe is necessary as they support DeafBlind individuals in leading independent and empowered lives.
The information we hope to get from the survey is an important first step in determining core competencies, standards and best practices essential to a national SSP training curriculum and, eventually, a national SSP certification. Another goal of the survey is to start building a National SSP Database.
The original Task Force started by Mr. Bondroff has been disbanded, but our work goes on! We are now known as the National SSP Development Alliance (NSSPDA). Some of our members are the same, and some new folks have joined us, as well.
We hope that you’ll share this survey with all your favorite and experienced SSPs. Please send it far and wide! We hope that all the SSPs taking the survey find it well done and filled with thoughtful questions. We will soon be creating a second survey that will focus on the training needs for DeafBlind individuals in using SSPs. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have problems taking the survey.
This survey is in a time frame of February 1, 2017 – April 1, 2017. Here’s the link again:
Thank you all and happy surveying!!   

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