Mom you are my Hero.
The most influential person in my life.
You are loved by us all.
A mother, daughter, and a wife.

You were always the strongest.
Getting through the death of our Dad, and continuing to move forward.
Finding a new calling with your service in Christ.
Meeting Ray, our “BONUS Dad” and becoming a part of his wonderful loving
family.  And like the threads of a quilt;
You are the one to hold us together.
You are a flower whose petals will never wilt.

As much as you deny it,
you are so beautiful…both inside and out.
Your kindness and unselfishness,
is what makes you shine throughout.

I don’t think you realized
how much we appreciate you every day.
And how much you meant to us.
To us you are the perfect Mom in every way.

So thank you mom.
For always being there.
Especially in our times of need.
You are my Hero now, and always will be….

I Love you…cc