About Us

** In 2015, the DeafBlind Camp of Maryland, Inc. became a 501(c)(3) organization recognized by the IRS as a non-profit. Donations are now tax deductible.**


The DeafBlind Camp of Maryland was established in 1998 by Deaf Interfaith to provide a safe, fun, barrier-free week for persons who have a significant hearing and vision loss. The camp has grown from six campers the first year to over forty campers currently. Campers have varying degrees of hearing and vision loss; many are totally deaf and blind.

There are many recreational activities at camp including climbing walls, hiking, boating, and canoeing. Also, there are educational opportunities such as a technology exhibit of new devices that will help individuals succeed in the world at work or home. Campers lead many of the programs including a cooking class, support group discussions, and worship services. All this is possible by hosting the camp in a barrier-free environment. Assistance is provided to meet the needs of the individual camper; Braille for those who can not read print, ramps for campers using wheelchairs, and sighted guides for those who need guiding. Communication is provided in whatever mode meets the need of the camper – American Sign Language including tactile, spoken English, amplified sound, or writing.

Everyone involved in the camp is a volunteer including the planning committee, the coordinators, and the SSPs. Volunteers at camp are called Support Service Providers (SSP). They are the eyes and ears for campers and give up their own vacation to make sure that each camper can experience the camp to its fullest.


Board of directors

Picture of Board 2014
Picture of Board 2014

Left to Right;
Christine Hichcock, Kim Best, Belinda (Bee) Milligan, Andrew Cohen, Brenda Talley, Toby Witte-Dix